Journal of Technologies Information and Communication

Aims & Scope


RTIC – Journal of Technologies, Information and Communication is a biannual academic publication, whose mission is to disseminate and publish original and review scientific works with a focus on innovation and development in the fields of Technology, Information and Communication. The journal is aimed at students, professors, researchers and professionals, with articles written in Portuguese, Spanish and English, in order to contribute to the development of research in Technology, Information and Communication.

RTIC explores various topics such as computer networks, mobility and pervasive systems, open data, knowledge engineering, knowledge management, artificial intelligence, applied technologies, multimedia systems and applications, information and knowledge management, big data analysis and applications, human-computer interaction, ethics, computers and security, communication models and digital communication; publishing original articles and review articles.

RTIC is a privileged platform for young and senior researchers, as well as university students and planners. It publishes in Portuguese/Spanish as well as in English. Each article includes the title, abstract and keywords in both languages.

Published twice a year, it offers open, immediate and free access to its content, following the principle that scientific knowledge is freely available based on scientific social responsibility and knowledge transfer to society.


The quality control of submitted manuscripts is carried out by the Editors-in-Chief, and/or by the Scientific Council and by at least one double, and blind, peer review, or open peer review.